Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100 Days of School and a cat named Oreo...

Has it really been 100 days that Zack has been in Kindergarten?
I guess so, because he had to do a project.  He had to bring 100 things to school.  It could either be in a bag or a poster or whatever he wanted to do.  So he made a poster with 100 balloons.

It took a while for him to glue them all on (well, us really because I helped him) but he was so proud of it when he was finished.  He asked me to take a picture.  :)

Two nights ago we had a nice little cat, who we called Oreo, come to our door.  Joe and I talked about it for an hour and we finally let it in.  It was so friendly and loved the kids.  We gave it some food and water and some lovin' and then when it came bed time we decided to put it out because we didn't have a litter box or anything.  We decided if it came back the next day that we would let it back in and try to find it's owners or some new owners because we are not in a position to have a cat right now.  The sweet little kitty never came back and I hope it found its home!  This is what it looked like (we don't know if it was a girl or a boy).

It was just so sweet and I find myself checking at the front door to see if it has come back.  :(

Ryan is peeping around his hat.  We had just gotten home from dinner.

Trevor Sunday morning wearing my shoes and Ryan's hat walking around the house telling everyone Bye Bye like he was leaving.

Zack Sunday morning all dressed up.  He requested a Tie.  I helped him pick this out and he was happy.

Ryan on Sunday smiling during his chest PT treatment.  We are going on 2 1/2 almost 3 months with no seizures!!!!!

Zack was concentrating on his computer.  

This is Trevor this morning.  He was playing with my pots and pans and making a lot of noise!


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