Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ryan update...

Ryan is still having urinary problems.  I am trying to increase his water during the day and night.  I have called the doctor to see if they can get Ryan new pump bags for his pump that have two bags attached.  One bag is for formula and one bag is for water flushes.  His pump has a neat feature where it will stop the formula and give him a water flush of what ever we set the pump to give him.  We can set the water flush so it will give him water several times through the night to help his bladder.  I am still having to cath him in the morning and some during the day.  I have heard it takes a while for the burning to go away when you have an infection.  
The Dr. okayed me giving Ryan cranberry, so I went to CVS yesterday and bought a cranberry pill.  It is a capsule that I can open up and dissolve the cranberry powder into water and flush into his tube.  The cranberry helps the lining of the bladder walls.  
When I cath him, he doesn't seem to be in any pain (I am sure it is uncomfortable for him) but he is not screaming or anything.  He does really well with it.
I went to CVS last night to get the cranberry pill and some betadine because we were out.  The betadine was $20!!!!!  I had to have it so I bought it.  It is a large bottle so I hope it lasts me a few months.  The betadine is to clean the area to help reduce infection.  When I got up to the register to check out, I told the young guy there that betadine was REALLY expensive.  He said, "Oh, WOW it is!  Do you really need it?"  Well, I said yes and he looked at me like he wanted an answer why, so I told him that I have to cath my special needs son.  He just looked at me in total shock.  He said, "YOU have to do that?!?  Are you a nurse?"  I told him I wasn't and he said, "I just can't believe that YOU have to do that to him!"  I told him that I couldn't just take him to the hospital every time he has to be cathed.  He just looked at me and was in total shock.  I think I blew his circuits.  LOL
I guess me cathing him is a big deal, but now that I have done it, it is just one more thing...
It is really strange to me that I know all of this medical stuff without any schooling, and that you DO have to go to school to do medical things to people.....unless you are a mom of a special needs child.  People ask me, "How do you do all of those things to him?"  My answer, I have no choice.  I either learn it and make sure he is taken care of right, or I am too afraid to do "medical" things to my son and choose not to.  I choose the first.  :)  
I go into "nurse" mode when I cath him or change his g-tube or do anything else medical.  I never would have thought I would be cathing my son, nor did I ever think I would have a child with special needs.  
You just do what you have to do.  I think he was given to me for a reason and I have to take care of him the best I can.  I hope I am doing a great job so far.
I couldn't do it without all of my family and friends there to support me!


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  1. Juls you are doing a great job!!!!!! That dude was probably thinking "Not my WEE WEE!!!
    Love you


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