Sunday, January 2, 2011

PICU 1/2/11

Ryan is doing so well today!  There is even talk about him going home tomorrow.  He is off of IV fluids and is taking his regular feedings.  He is sounding much clearer in his lungs and is coughing and breaking things up more today.  He is still on the high flow canula with humidity but is only on two liters.  The doctor said that if it wasn't for the high flow canula with humidity that he would have probably had to be on the ventilator.  SCARY!!  He is looking more like himself today and has been awake more and moving his arms and legs more.  I haven't seen any smiles yet, but hopefully soon I will.  He is taking his chest PT vest treatments here and that is helping to break up congestion as well.  Here is how he looks today:
This was actually yesterday afternoon.  He was watching a movie on Netflix.

Today after his bath

Lookin' good Mr. Ryan!

All hooked back up to the monitors after his bath.  I actually hooked him up.  I am learning  to be a nurse.  :)
I am so glad that he is doing so well.  I wasn't expecting him to improve as fast as he has.  He is such a fighter!  I love him so much!  I miss Joe and the boys, so I will be so glad if we can go home tomorrow!

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