Monday, January 24, 2011

New Faucets and such...

We decided it was time to get new faucets in our Kitchen and Bathroom.  So without delay, here they are:

This is the Kitchen Faucet...which I LOVE!!

And these are our Bathroom faucets.  They are so much higher and modern looking.  We are planning on getting new sinks for both bathrooms on Wednesday.  (Lowes had to order them)

Zack and Trevor playing together which rarely happens.  LOL

Like father like son..


Ryan all bundled up and ready to go to school.

I love this picture.  He is all snuggled up.  :)

Trevor reading a book in the recliner.

Trevor eating his breakfast this morning.

New picture frames I bought for the bathroom.  They look so much better!

Ryan's new chair and tray that he LOVES!!  

Have a great day!


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