Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr Ryan today...

Ryan seems to be doing about the same today as he was last night.  He did keep me up most of the night crying in pain, but I had the respiratory therapist turn the humidity up on his canula so he could get more moisture.  He was super dry this morning and that helped.  He has been really calm today and hasn't seemed like he is in as much pain unless they suction him.  He still isn't coughing up as much as I would like for him too but Joe brought his Chest PT Vest from home so that will help.  The have chest PT vests here but the hospital is FULL of respiratory patients and they were all taken.  I think I would rather him use his own vest from home anyway.  This morning at 12:30 the nurse woke me up to tell me that he had lost his IV in his arm and that they were going to have to re-stick him.  They got a new site in his foot and so far it is working ok.  When he kicks it will get kinked sometimes but hopefully it will last for the rest of the time he is here.  They are still getting a lot of blood today and he is acting like his throat is hurting him some too.
Ryan was also able to start back on some feedings today.   They put him on a slow continuous drip of 10ml an hour and will turn it up as he tolerates it.  As his feeds are turned up, they will turn down his IV fluids.  He is still on the high flow canula today on about 5 liters and seems to be breathing a little easier than yesterday.  He has a great doctor taking care of him (her name is Santa) and we have also had visits from his Lung Dr. and his GI Dr. today.
We haven't discussed a plan on going home yet but I am fine with him staying as long as he needs to get better.  He is such a fighter!  here is a picture from today.  He is actually awake in this one!

I was playing him songs from his computer in this picture and then we went on youtube and found some Baby Einstein videos to watch for a while.  Thank you for your continued prayers!


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