Monday, December 13, 2010

A busy week ahead...

Ryan and all of the boys are feeling better from their strep.  Of course, it took Ryan much longer to get better.  Yesterday he was really junky.  I was having to deep suction him and I did three vest treatments on him.  When I got him up this morning he sounded much better.  I hope he stays that way.  It is so frustrating to me when he is so junky and I feel like he can't breathe well.  It must be a scary feeling for him!

I am taking Trevor to my Mom and Dad's for him to stay Wednesday through Friday.  Joe has vacation to take and we are going to do some projects around the house.  We are planning on tiling the boy's bathroom floor, and repainting their room.  Joe is also putting up their bunk beds.  We believe Trevor is ready to sleep in a big boy bed.  I will post pictures after Christmas because they aren't getting their comforters until then.  We are also moving their furniture around and making room for their new toys.  Joe and I will also have some us time because Ryan and Zack will be at school during the day and Trevor will be with my Parents, so we should be able to go out for lunch and have some much needed time to spend with each other.

I am so excited for Christmas and can't wait to see the boy's faces when they open their gifts.

Today it is very cold and windy and I hope the weather cooperates for us this week!  We have lots to do!


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