Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pictures...

This year we went to my parents for Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful time!

Joe and I
 He is the love of my life!
Aunt Malinda and Andres

Amanda and Trevor

Silly Trevor

Miranda and I

Anna Marie, Ryan, and Lili


Brandon and Andres

Me and Betsy
I was jewelery shopping.  :)

Mom reading Trevor Skippy Jon Jones

Ben helping himself to the Thanksgiving feast

Ben's Girlfriend, Megan

Ryan taking it all in

Me and Amanda

Miranda....Love this pic of her

Doodah playing corn hole

Joe playing corn hole

Zack watching

Chris and Uncle Ricky watching

Mike giving it a try

We did end up getting our tree in Galax, and It is beautiful!
We are ready for Christmas now!


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