Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is our day in pictures.....

Ryan wasn't feeling it

This year was very strange for me because Halloween was observed in NOVEMBER!  It just didn't feel like Halloween to me this year.  Saturday we were able to take the kids to the school for a fall carnival where they got to dress up in their costumes and play games.  They had a good time and were very well behaved.  I wasn't able to get a picture of them from that day because my camera battery died.

Sunday Zack and I made a cute Halloween dessert that doesn't have a name...I just made it up.

It was really good....especially the oreos!  We made the cupcakes yesterday (Monday).  I didn't dress Ryan up and take him trick or treating because it was so cold, so we left him at home with Joe's parents.  He is doing really good right now.  We are not having to cath him (he is going on his own) and we are still working on his secretion medicine.  He is going back to school tomorrow (hasn't been in a week) and there is an RN being interviewed TODAY that may be hired to help me with Ryan.  If she wants full time then she will be with Ryan some when he is at school to get her hours in.  The only nurses we have had in the past were CNA's and couldn't do any medical things for Ryan.  Having an RN will be wonderful for Ryan and for me.  I am hoping she will want the hours to go to school with Ryan and then work here with him until 6pm (when Joe gets home) and then maybe some on the weekends as needed.  I will update when I know something.  
Hope everyone has a great day!


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