Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great things are coming our way!!!

News Item ImageThat my friend is a chest PT vest.  It is an airway clearance system that is on it's way to the house as we speak. blue instead of pink.  You can also buy "skins" for the machine but I checked on them and they are $59.00 each.  Ryan's just might have to be plain.  :0)
Ryan will wear the vest two times a day for 20 minutes.  They explained it to me like brushing your teeth.  It is for preventative measures.  Even when he sounds clear we still use it to keep mucous from settling in his lungs.  I know this will be a great thing for Ryan to have and I am so glad that Dr. Tamez was willing to help us get it.  We will be doing a 3 month trial period with the Vest before it will be his, but I know we will use it every day if he tolerates it.  The machines are very expensive and that is why they like to trial them first.  Maybe will will get Ryan a skin for his when we know he tolerates it and it is officially his.  The skin would make a great gift for him!  :)  The lady on the phone told me that we would get the vest in a couple of days and there would be a respiratory therapist from our area to come out shortly after to show us how to use it and to bring some foam to put around Ryan's g-tube to protect it.  Please pray that the vest will help reduce Ryan's respiratory infections.


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