Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Shopping...

Today I ventured out with Trevor in the rain.  He was good but was starting to get frustrated with me because I was piling things on top of him.  LOL  I went ahead and bought the boy's Twin sized comforter set from Walmart while they still had them and they took up all of the room in the buggy.  So did the baby gate that I got to go in the door way of Zack and Trevor's room.  I bought the gate to keep Trevor in his room when I am getting ready or if I am not able to watch him like a hawk.  He is into everything these days!!!  I think it will be helpful esp on Sunday mornings when we are getting ready for Church Services.  I was able to buy most of the toys that we had on the list for the boys today.  I need to buy some wrapping paper and find some other things that walmart didn't have.  I want to have everything bought before December so we don't have to try to fight the crowds.  It was really nice to get out today for a while!  Now Trevor is down for his nap and it is really quiet here.  I guess I need to go and get some stuff done.  :)  Happy Christmas Shopping!

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