Saturday, October 16, 2010

What we’ve been up to….

Well, here is a picture of Ryan yesterday…..


And here is a picture of him today….


Ryan woke up this morning with a high fever and shallow breathing.  Because he breaths so shallow when he has a fever often times we have to put oxygen on him.  He sounds really clear today and doesn’t have any other symptoms to give us a clue as to what may be going on with him.  Zack had a 24hr. bug earlier this week so we are hoping that is all it is. 

I did finally hear from make a wish and they told me to make a list of what we needed for Ryan.  Here is the list:

Personal Computer For Ryan:

17" screen size (or biggest you can find)

4 GB Memory

500 GB Hard Drive

D Drive to install software


This software can be found at and was highly recommended by his Speech Therapist

Switchit Sports

Switchit Wildlife

Switchit Farm

Switchit Transportation

Switchit Maker 2

*Ryan only has one software program right now and we would like more software so he has more options for now and when he gets older.

Switch Toys:

All toys were found at

        The Twinkler

        Magical Light Show


        Melody Express

        Musical Top

        Bubble Blowers Diego

        Aqua Bubbles

        Theraputic Balls

        Butterfly Spinner

        Rainforest Waterfall

*Ryan only has one switch toy right now.  Since the switch toys are his only way to play, we would like for him to have several to choose from.  Children without significant disabilities often have many toys to choose from.  We would like Ryan to have a variety of toy to choose from when he plays.  


    2 Big Beamer wireless switch (Switch to use with feet)

    2 Jelly Beamer wireless switch (Switch to use with hands)

    Power Link 4 (Environmental Control Switch) Will allow Ryan to use swtiches to control home appliances.

    2 Adjustable Angle Switch (Can be found at

    Magic arm mounting system (Can be found at    

Wireless printer to print out overlays and activities to use with his software

Rechargable batteries for switch toys

We hope that Ryan will be approved to receive everything on his list.  I haven’t heard back from them yet but will let you know when I do.  I believe his Make a Wish will come just in time for Christmas.  I also heard great news about his wheelchar!  Medicaid approved all of his parts that UVA wants to get him, so hopefully that will be taken care of before Christmas too!  Great News!

This is something else that we are working on…


Yes, you are seeing it right…  We are putting a sink in Ryan’s room.  It is not hooked up to plumbing yet, but will be by next weekend.  I use water all the time for Ryan.   To make his medicine, for flushes, and to rinse out bottles, syringes, and medicine cups.  I also use a warm cloth on Ryan’s face and lips every morning and every night.  I have been wanting a sink in his room for a long time and we are also planning on putting a small refrigerator on his big cabinet that Joe made (for his formula and medicines that need to be refrigerated). 

Here are a few pictures that I have taken over the weekend…


Trevor found my empty coffee cup…


And decided to take a pretend drink…


It must have not been strong enough for him.  Made him a little sleepy.  =0)


Abby (we are keeping her this week for my Mom and Dad) decided that she should keep Ryan company for a while…


Zack and Joe


Trevor and Joe


Trevor cheesin’ for the camera


Zack and his Gatorade stained mouth


And I will leave you with a picture of the one and only ME wearing my new favorite Owl necklace.

Thanks for stopping by!



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