Monday, October 25, 2010

I am giving my Mom and Dad some real trouble...

Ryan here!
I have really been through a lot the last few days!  These strange people have been poking and prodding on me for the last few days that I have been in this strange place.  Mommy told me that I am at a hospital and I have to stay here until I get better.  I guess I have to do what she says since she is the boss....or whatever.  I have been trying to tell people for days that my bladder was hurting me really bad but it took them a while to finally catch on and figure it out. UGH!! I have had several tests and bladder scans to help the doctors FINALLY figure out what is wrong with me.  The doctor (which Mommy is calling a Urologist...again....Whatever!!!) told my mom that I probably have a condition called Neurogenic Bladder.  Look it up for yourself or do what my Mom says Google it...again...whatever that means!  They have this tube inserted into my bladder that is REALLY uncomfortable and told my Mom that she might have to do this to me 4 to 6 times A DAY.  Do I even get a choice in the matter here????  I really don't want her to have to do this to me, but she told me that she didn't want to either.  I believe her this time....I think.  They say that they are going to take this irritating tube out of my bladder tomorrow morning to see if I can go potty on my own.  I really hope that I will be able to go for my Mom and for the Doctors...This is A LOT of pressure on me!  We will see what happens.  Thanks for all of the people who are praying for me to get better and praying for my Mommy and Daddy during all of this.  I am so ready to go home and see my brothers. It was nice for a while to have a little peace and quiet and have Mommy all to myself, but I am really starting to miss home.  I will tell Mommy to update you again tomorrow!


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  1. Ryan,

    Jason and I hope you get to come home soon :) We have missed seeing you at church! Don't let them pressure you too much about going to the potty :)

    We love you and can't wait to see you again! Tell Mommy that if she needs anything, to give us a call!


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