Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another OCD attack….

I was in the living room with Trevor this morning and decided that I needed to clean out their room.  I brought out all of their toys into the living room and started sorting them into piles.  Broken, Keep and store for later, and baby toys that we aren’t using any more to give to Isabella (my friend’s baby).  I had about 8 old shoe boxes that I used to put everything in and stored the things we were keeping in the front closet with labels on them.  When I put the boy’s toys back in their room they hardly had anything left when I got done but I think it is better this way.  Sometimes kids just have too many toys.  I took two shelves out that Joe built a few years ago for the laundry room for a pantry before we had our nice pantry.  We never sanded them or stained them, so I decided to sand and stain it today.  I only did one of them because the other one needs more work and I don’t think I had enough stain to do both anyway.  This is the before (this is the one that needs more work and still isn’t stained but it is just to show you how it looked before):


and this is the after:

                                      DSCI0048 DSCI0049

It looks so much better and only took me about 30 minutes to stain it.  I think we might use the other one over the washer and dryer, but I am not sure yet.  I still might stain it and put it in the boy’s room.  They might need it after Christmas.  =0) 

Well, Ryan is doing much better today and woke up with no fever and I was also able to take him off of his oxygen.  He is awake this afternoon and “talking”.  I am going to have to give him a bath and stretch him this evening.  I can tell he is sore from laying and sleeping for the last 4 days.  He is such a trooper!  I plan on sending him to school tomorrow.  Hopefully he will be able to go and will be awake.  He has gotten off of his schedule since he has been sick. 

Here are some more pictures from this week…


Ryan this weekend on oxygen and resting.


Trevor trying to get into Abby’s kennel.



Then Zack had to try to get in…



Abby wouldn’t look at the camera.  She is so funny!


Me and Zack being silly


Trevor climbing on the furniture.  You can’t tell, but he is pointing to Ryan in the picture and was saying Ry Ry.  He loves his Ryan!  =)

I guess that is it for today.  My Mom and Dad will be here on Friday so my Dad can preach for our Gospel Meeting that is starting Sunday and going through Wednesday.  Please come to Collinsville Church of Christ and hear some wonderful messages from the Word of God!  (Sunday 10am & 7pm.  Mon-Wed 7pm)  We would love to have you!  We are also having a blood drive on Monday November 8th from 12pm-6pm.  Please come and give blood if you can!  I am!   

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