Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Wonderful Birthday!

I had a fantastic birthday this year!  Thursday night my two friends Shelly and April came over and brought balloons and party hats and party rings.  I also got to eat my favorite....Cheesecake!  We made a blueberry topping for it and it was SO good!!!  Yes, there are 27 candles on this little cheesecake!  =0)

Shelly and April also gave me some very nice gifts.  They are so sweet!  They also took me shopping in Greensboro Saturday.  Shelly bought my lunch at Olive Garden and April paid for me to get my toe nails painted.  We had so much fun shopping yesterday!  I got some really cute clothes and some great deals.  I also got to see my cousin Anna-Marie!  I look forward to going out with them again really soon!  

Friday I didn't get to spend the first part of my day exactly the way I wanted.  Ryan's condition just wasn't improving so we had to take him to the ER at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  I am glad we took him and he is starting to improve slowly.  I have to take him back to Roanoke tomorrow (Monday) to see his GI doctor.  He wants to make sure Ryan is doing better.  When we got home from the hospital, there were balloons and a present that Susan (from Church Services) left for me.  It was so sweet! Friday evening we ate barbecue and birthday cake.  The cake was so good!  It had whipped icing!!!  Joe, my parents and Joe's parents gave me money to buy clothes, and I received many cards and birthday wishes.

Here is my cake from Joe with all of my candles.  I was afraid I was going to set the fire alarm off when I blew them out!  Ha Ha!

Now I am 27 and that is ok!  =0)  I still feel young!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and thanks to those who gave me special presents!  Love you all!


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