Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UVA Trip...

Our long trip to Charlottesville yesterday was well worth it!  We arrived at the Kluge Children's Rehab Center and was greeted by a guy named Eric who is what he called himself "the nuts and bolts guy".  =0)  He came up to us and talked to us for several minutes about our concerns with his chair.  We went into a therapy room where we were greeted by a Physical Therapist (Emily), and an Occupational Therapist (Ruth).  We also had two students in there from the college to observe.  The therapists were so nice!  First they took him out of his chair and checked him out to see his range of motion and flexibility.  Ryan was (and still is) sick and was really sleepy and floppy yesterday.  They all tried different head rests on Ryan and a couple of different neck collars to help with is strider.  They also tried some different vests with him too.  They tried one that just crosses on top of his sternum that wasn't a full torso vest like the one he has now.  They are getting him some lat supports and some other special padding to keep his arms more in front of him and on his arm rests.  They are also getting him a new seat cushion that is more plush and a new super plush head rest.  Ryan didn't get to try out a Gait trainer because he was too sleepy but when we go back to get his wheelchair fixed they are going to try him in one to see how he does. We are so happy that we went the distance for this appointment.  They went above and beyond for us and for Ryan!  We are so blessed that there are people out there that really want to help get the things that children like Ryan need.  Unfortunately he is on oxygen today and threw up during his breathing treatment this morning.  He sounds clear and doesn't have a fever so hopefully it is just a little bug.  He had a low grade fever yesterday and Monday and was junky.  Say a little prayer for him!

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