Saturday, September 11, 2010

The start of a long process...

Today we had our "interview" with two very nice people that I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet.  They came to the house to interview Joe and I for Ryan's wish for the Make A Wish Foundation.  We were asked several questions so that the volunteers and MAW could "get to know" Ryan.  We also discussed what we wanted to wish for.  You get to wish for 3 things and then MAW will choose from the three.  Our first wish for Ryan is for a new therapy room.  I was told to go ahead and ask for his room.  She told me that you never know what they can do for us and if they can not build him a room they may be able to point us in a way where someone can.  She also gave me a couple of resources that may be able to help if MAW can't.  For Ryan's second wish we wished for a specialized computer to help him with communication and that he could use his special programs with.  You can find some really neat technology these days and I am doing some research on a specific computer that I would like for Ryan.  His third wish is for therapy devices that he can use with a switch.  I have a long list of different therapy toys and devices that we would like for Ryan.  The volunteer said that MAW may combine wishes if they see it necessary.  I can see them combining Ryan's second and third wish if he can't get his first wish.  We put that we would like the wish to start in October so we should be contacted by MAW very soon to hear what they can do for us.  We are still trying to stay positive and hopeful about the therapy room addition.  We are planning on contacting the local paper to cover Ryan's story and his wish with MAW.  I will let you know if Ryan ends up being in the paper or not, and will also keep you posted on Ryan's wish and the time frame of the wish.  Ryan received a special MAW car that you can not buy in the stores.  It is a matchbox car and is really neat.  We are going to keep it in its original packaging and put it up on a shelf in Ryan's room.  When Ryan's wish is granted they usually throw a party for the family and participants on that day.  I am so glad we are doing this for Ryan and I feel so good about the experience so far.  Thanks for all who support us on a regular basis and pray for Ryan and for us as we care for him.  =0)

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