Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ryan’s First Day of School

Ryan did really well today at school.  He slept for most of the day and had several seizures, but I think he did great considering.  It will take him a couple of weeks to transition and get used to his new routine.  I visited him today for about 30 minutes to help the nurse feed him and give him his medicines.  Ryan has 5 other classmates in the room with him and they are all so cute.  I am very excited that the School has this class for Ryan and he has the opportunity to go there and receive the special services that they give.  Here is a picture of Ryan before getting on the bus.  Zack was up too because he wanted to see Ryan get on the bus.  He didn’t ever see him get on the bus last year because he was already at school.  Zack asked me all afternoon when Ryan would get home.  He missed Ryan!  Zack will have his first day of school tomorrow and I will blog again with a picture for that.  =0)


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