Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make A Wish update…

I finally heard from the volunteers that are coming out to do the interview.  They called me Thursday night and we agreed to them coming Saturday September 11th at 3pm.  Hopefully the interview will go well and the people coming will be of help to us in our decision making process.  I believe we have decided to wish for Ryan to have a room makeover.  We really wanted him to have a new room/therapy space, but they do not do construction.  If we had more time we would have planned a fund raiser to try to get up enough money to build it our self and then have Make a Wish decorate it for us, but that is just not going to happen I guess.  I would love to have a big room for a therapy mat and some other therapy things but I guess I just have to let that go…  I am going to get with some of Ryan’s therapists that work with him now and some that have worked with him in the past and try to make a list of some things that would be beneficial for him to have.  I know I want him to have more switch toys and some other communication devices.  I would also like for him to have some other PT things that will help him in his every day life.  I am still going to see if they know of any way we can add on a sunroom or something but I am sure they will say no.  I am still going to ask about having the driveway paved too.  I have a very hard time pushing Ryan to the bus in the gravel.  His wheels get stuck and it has thrown his head out of his headrest when it happens.  I am also going to ask for more shelving in his room for the supplies we are going to get.  I have so many ideas but just need to sit down and make a concrete list for Ryan.  I don’t want to end up with things that he doesn’t need or will never use.  For those of you who don’t know, Ryan can work a switch that looks like this:
With this switch (that I hook up to the computer with special programs for him) he can hit it with his foot to learn cause and effect.  We tried to get him to use the switch with his hand but he is too defensive and doesn’t like to touch it. He does so well hitting it with his foot.  Sometimes he will kick it really hard and I have to check it and make sure he hasn’t broken it.  I am going to ask for more switches too just in case he breaks one.  I am also in need of a removable D drive for my computer because I have a little computer that doesn’t have one. I am not able to put Ryan’s programs on my computer without it.
Ryan can also hold objects in his hand and on command he can put them in a plastic bowl.  I am so proud of him for being able to do this and so glad he has had such great speech therapists to guide him so far on his journey.
I will leave you know with some pictures of Trevor, Zack, Macie, and Tripp eating ice-cream cones.  This was Trevor’s first ice-cream cone and he loved it!  He had to have a bath after.  =0)

Oh, and here is a picture of our little family that we had printed off to put on our back windshield on the Van:
I know!  it is SO cute!  Have a great day!

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