Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Week At Nana and G-da’s….

I have been here at my Mom and Dad’s house since Wednesday.  I was supposed to leave my house at 9am (not for any particular reason…that is just when I wanted to leave) and when I went out to the van to put some last minute things in there, I realized that my keys were LOCKED IN.  I had to call Joe and see if he would drive home from Chatham VA and unlock it for me.  He got to the house with his keys at 10am and I was able to leave soon after.  Wednesday night we went to Radford Church of Christ for VBS and the kids have a good time.  Thursday night we went to see the Pulaski Mariners play baseball.  I really don’t like to watch baseball on TV but it was really fun! Zack LOVED it but we had to leave early because Trevor was getting hard to keep up with.  He really didn’t want to sit and watch the game.  Friday we went to Walmart and then went out to eat Mexican food that was SOOOOO good!  Then we just hung out for the rest of the day Friday.  Today was VBS at the Church where my Mom and Dad attend.  Zack had such a good time because there was several children there his age.  Trevor and Ryan were in class together and Trevor wouldn’t let me leave him.  He was scared to stay in class without me because he didn’t know any one.  After VBS we ate and then the kids got to ride on a pony and a mule.  Zack rode on the mule and Trevor rode on the pony.  It has been a rainy day today and I hope the rain passes before I leave to drive home.  I don’t like driving in the rain at all.  Joe is in Ohio at a bowling tournament.  He will be back home later tonight.  I really miss him but am so glad that I was able to come stay with my Mom and Dad for a few days.  We have had so much fun and I am so glad they have a place for us to come and stay when we are here.  Love both of you and thanks for putting up with me and my crew!  :)

I forgot to post, but I received a call from Make a Wish last week.  They got some information from me about Ryan and our situation.  They have to get in contact with Ryan’s doctor to make sure he qualifies for a wish.  (which I am 100% positive that he does but I guess they have to check.)  I should hear back from them in about a week or less and I believe that is when they will set us up for a meeting and someone will  come out to the house and find out what we had in mind for Ryan’s wish.  Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Last week I also got a call from UVA about Ryan’s wheelchair.  The guy that called me was an Occupational Therapist and was really helpful.  He said that in Ryan’s case the best thing for us to do was to go ahead and make an appointment to be seen.  He also said that it would probably be best to keep Ryan’s current wheelchair but to make modifications to it to make it fit him perfectly.  The guy said that this should have been done for him already and it is a shame that it hasn’t before now.  He sounded like he was going to fix the problem and help us out with the situation.  Someone is supposed to be calling me soon to set up an appointment to go to UVA.  Hopefully it will be before school starts.  School is only 2 1/2 weeks away!!!  WOW!  Oh, and sorry for the lack of photos….someone (ME) forgot to take pictures AGAIN.  I need to hire someone to follow me around and take pictures of the kids.  ;)


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