Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update on projects and pictures....

This will be a post of mostly pictures from this month.  The first ones are from when my Mom and Dad were on vacation and came in to pick up Abby.  
Zack thought that Abby needed to hear the music too.  I love this picture of her!

Here is a picture of Trevor with the headphones.  He played with them until he broke them.  Typical for a boy!

Zack playing with my Dad.

Here you can see where he broke the earphones.  I had just jumped out of Ryan's room and yelled BOO.  He loves it when I jump out and try to scare him.  Too cute!

Ryan hanging out.  His color doesn't look quite right in this picture but he was fine.

Trevor being silly with hair standing straight up on his head.

These next pictures are from when we traveled to Christiansburg to go to Tripp's 4th birthday party.  I only took pictures when we were in the car and not at the party for whatever reason.  

The kids had a really good time at the party.  We are glad that we were able to go.  After the party we went to the Roanoke mall and took the kids to build a bear.  They had fun making their bears and then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had dinner before we went home. 

Ok, now we are to the project pictures:

Today we worked out by putting mulch in the front flower beds. I think I lost 10lbs out there and it looks TONS better now!!! We had a really bad storm right after we finished and we were afraid that all of the mulch was going to wash away because the rain was coming down so hard.  Here are some more:

This one turned out neat because I went outside right before it rained and I was really humid and my camera lens fogged up.

Now for the washer and the new faucet in the boy's bathroom:

I love my new washer!!!  You have to turn it on to use it and when I turn it on it sings to me.  It has a cute little chime sound that makes.  I have washed two loads in it already and it is really quick!  It chimes when the load is done and only takes like 15 minutes.
This is the new faucet that Me Myself and I put in.  It looks so much better than the other one did.  We are going to get new ones for our bathroom too, but that will have to wait for a while.

Here are the pictures of the kids today.  You can see where I cut Trevor's hair too...

I guess that is all for today!  Have a good one!  =0)


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  1. Love the pictures!!! The boys are adorable as ever!! The one with Abbey is too cute!! And I love the new landscaping and good job putting in the new faucet, we girls have to everything sometimes!! ;)


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