Friday, July 23, 2010

A Sudden Attack of OCD….

After I fed the boys lunch this afternoon I had a wave of OCD come over me.  I felt an urgent need to clean and organize Zack and Trevor’s room.  I went through every toy and threw away anything that they didn’t play with any more, anything that was broken, or anything that I just was tired of seeing on my living room floor.  (Well, I guess if I threw away anything I was tired of then I would throw away every toy that ever existed in this house and then I would get the worst Mommy of the Year Award.)  =0)   So after throwing everything away that needed to go, I organized everything into their appropriate baskets and labeled them.  (Thanks for the labeler Mom and Dad!!!!)  I would really like to re-paint their room and shelves and make a really neat theme in there, but I am going to wait because……..

I finally put in a request with Make A Wish Foundation for Ryan’s wish!! 

We are going to wish for a new room addition just for him.  If you have been to our house and seen his room you would understand why.  His room is too small to accommodate his big hospital bed, his dresser that Joe made for him that holds all of his medical supplies, his dresser full of clothes, and all of his other medical stuff like his oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrator, stander, wheelchair base, and other new medical equipment we are planning on getting him soon.  He is getting a really big bean bag, a gait trainer, a special wedge for therapy, and I would also like to get him a therapy mat.  (If he gets a new room.)  If they don’t want to do the Bedroom for him then we will ask that they do a sun room/therapy room for him.  I think you have to have 2 back up wishes, so for those we have decided on either getting a power wheelchair ramp/lift in the van or getting our driveway paved.  I put the wish in yesterday (Thursday) so I will probably hear from Make a Wish one day next week.  If you would like to check it out further you can go to their site at to see how it all works.  Please pray that we can get the room that we need for Ryan so he will not be so limited with his small space that he has now.  So, if he gets a new room add on then we will move Trevor to Ryan’s room and then I will be able to re-decorate all of the rooms. 

I guess that is it for today!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. Yay!!! For make a wish! I hope you hear good news soon! Kiss them all for me! And your welcome! Love ya.


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