Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ryan's Dr. Appointment...

Ryan went to see his lung doctor in Roanoke today.  He got a really good report today and his lungs are really clear right now.  Since he is doing so well and he is almost too dry from the combination of the Zyrtec and Robinul (secretion meds) the doctor wants me to take him off a pill a day of Robinul to see if maybe he doesn't need it right now.  That way if he needs it in the future we can increase the dose since right now he is on the maximum dose.  He was also concerned about Ryan's strider noise that he makes when he breathes.  He wants him to be hooked up to a pulse Oxygen monitor when he is sleeping to see if his sats drop.  If they are then he will have to go and have a sleep study done and maybe even have to sleep with a c-pap depending on the results.  The doctor was also disappointed in Ryan's head rest on his wheelchair.  He said that he needed one that supported his head better and helped to keep his airway more open.  I have been trying for a month now to get him referred to UVA's equipment clinic to get a new wheelchair, but have not had any luck yet.  Guess it is time for me to call the doctor back and see what is taking so long.  Story of my life!!!  =0)  

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