Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm still here!!

I know it has been a while since my last post but we are all still here and doing well.  We had a blast on our vacation but it was really good to get back home to the kids and get back on our daily routine.  I figured out that I was under-dosing Ryan on his allergy medicine and now that I have him up to the appropriate dose he seems to be doing much better.  He has an appointment with his lung doctor on the 20th (in Roanoke) and hopefully we will get a good report and no changes in his medication.
Trevor is into everything and is starting to say a whole lot more words these days.  He loves balls and has started to say ball, this, that, all done, there you go, Ma Ma, Da Da, Zack, Ry Ry (for Ryan), and the list goes on.  He loves to GO GO GO (LOL) and ride in the car.  The other night I was going to the pharmacy to pick up meds for Ryan and he knew I was going somewhere because I had my keys and purse.  I ended up taking him with me because he was so pitiful when I went out the door without him.  He just screamed and cried...Go Go Go!!!  He is so spoiled!  =0)
Zack has been very busy lately playing on the computer on the playhouse Disney website and watching movies on Netflix online.  It has been really hard keeping him entertained, but this is working so far and he is also learning in the process especially playing on the Disney website.  Hold on a sec............  Ok, I am back.  I had to help Mr. Zack get pieces of baby wipe out of his nose that he stuck in there.  Honestly.....will the fun ever end?!?!?  Why do kids do stuff like that?  UGH!!
Anyways.... we have a few fun things coming up.  The last weekend in July I am going to my parents house with the kids.  I am leaving early Thursday morning and staying until Saturday evening or Sunday.  Joe will be out of town to bowl in a tournament, and I don't want to be here by myself doing the single mom thing.  (Can you blame me?)  =0)  Another reason why I am going is because they are having their VBS that Saturday and I know the kids would love it.  Where we go to Church doesn't have VBS because we don't have many children.
The other thing we are going to do is to go to the Ashboro Zoo the first Saturday in August.  I am really excited about this because this is the Zoo that I went to when I was little.  Joe's sister has free tickets for Joe and I and all we will have to do is pay for Zack. (Trevor's ticket will be free because of his age.)  Hopefully we will have a good time there and it won't be too hot.  Sorry for the lack of pictures with this post.....I didn't have time to upload any.  Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. I always enjoy reading all the interesting things going on!! Love ya!

  2. i love this blog it made me laugh and cry a little i miss you guys and hold on a sec ... sorry had to blow my nose but i sucked in and now im picking kleenex out of my nose lol J/K lol love you

  3. Baby wipes up the nose, huh? Remember when we chewed the balls off the pony tail holders and shoved them up our noses when the babysitter was there?! Payback! :) I, too, enjoy reading about what's going on and seeing pics of the boys. Miss and love you all! Kiss the boys for me!


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