Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy weekend...

This weekend we are doing some much needed projects around the house.  Two of our faucets are leaking, two of our light switches aren't working right, and the flower beds look terrible and need mulch.  We are also going to look into getting a new washer this weekend because ours sounds AWFUL!!!  I think it may break any day now.  We have one that someone gave to us that we can use but it is tiny and hardly holds any clothes.  I do tons of laundry so I need a big washer.  Hopefully it will work out to where we can get one today or tomorrow.  I have also ordered some clothes for Zack for school.  It is starting back in about 4 weeks.  Ryan got a lot of new clothes for his birthday and should be good to go on clothes until the fall comes.
I started working out again today.  I took a 2 week break from it and somehow managed not to gain any weight (which I am so glad of) and have added working out on my Wave again.  I did the whole workout today without stopping.  It has been several months since I have been on my wave and I didn't figure I would be able to do the whole routine.  I was so proud of myself and I think that running on the treadmill is helping me with my stamina.  I also have some heavier weights now and I could really tell a difference today.  I feel like I actually worked out and I could feel my muscles burning.  If you want to know what a Wave is here is a picture:

Love my wave!  Well, Trevor is up now and Ryan needs to be fed so I better run!  Have a great weekend!

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