Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Morning Madness...

Ryan continues to be on oxygen this morning.  I got him up this morning and gave him his medicine and a breathing treatment.  He has not been happy with me this morning.  We started by cleaning up a big blow out diaper that was traumatic for the both of us.  It was everywhere and required a full bed change.  After cleaning that up he was mad that I put him in his wheelchair.  Then he got mad when I started his breathing treatment.  Lots of kicking and fighting this morning.  Here is a few pictures I took this morning:

Snoozing in his bed this morning.  He looked like he was so comfy.  Here's a closer look...

I love it when he sleeps with his arms over his head.  He is so precious!

Here are a couple of pictures of him getting his breathing treatment this morning.  He finally calmed down so I could take a picture.  Poor baby!

I took a couple pictures of Zack and Trevor too:

Trevor was actually throwing a fit in this picture because Zack had something that he wanted.  Messy boy!

And Zack:

He is such a mess!  I am still working on trying to find some things for him to do this summer...wish me luck!


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