Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Fun...

I went to walmart yesterday and bought Zack a kiddie pool.  I put water in it this morning and he played in it for a while.  It is only 71 degrees this morning so the water is FREEZING!!!   He had to come in and warm up under some blankets.  Here are a few pictures from the pool:

Hopefully the sun will warm up the water so he can go play in it this afternoon.

I made the kids french toast for breakfast this morning.  Trevor has never had it before and he loved it.  They both liked it with fresh fruit.  Zack is LOVING raspberries right now.  He would eat a whole container in a sitting if I let him.  

I sprinkled powdered sugar ("snow") on Zack's to replace the syrup.  If you know Zack then you know that he doesn't need ANY syrup.  LOL  He thought the sugar was really neat.

I hardly ever get a good picture of Trevor smiling, but he really did well for this one.  He was enjoying his yummy breakfast!  :0)  He is such a happy baby!

Ryan is still on oxygen and is worse in the morning than in the afternoon.  He works all day to cough it all up and get it out and then it settles back in his chest at night and we have to start all over again.  Ryan has been on oxygen on and off for the last few months and I always fear that he will go on it and never come off.  Hopefully that is not the case this time.  He has an appointment with his Lung doctor in about three or four weeks so I will see if there is anything we need to change when I see him. 

Tomorrow is Ryan's big day!  I am making cupcakes today for his party tomorrow.  I hope it is fun for everyone that comes.  I will post pictures tomorrow!  Oh here is a picture of him sleeping on his bean bag yesterday.  He was so cute and looked so comfortable!

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  1. Such good pictures of the boys !! I can't wait to see you all!Love ya <3


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