Monday, June 21, 2010

Ryan's 3rd Birthday Party!

We had such a good time Saturday at Ryan's party!  All of his cousins were able to come and celebrate.  The cupcakes  that I made were really good and Ryan received some really nice gifts. 
These are the Yummy cupcakes that I made.  They turned out so cute and fun!

Ryan before his party...he wasn't feeling it. =0)

G-da was teaching Zack to tie his shoe.  

Trevor was patiently waiting for the party to start....this is such a cute picture of him!

Ryan was starting to smile and get excited about his party.  He is so precious!

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

We let his cousins take turns blowing out his candle.  Since he had just gotten over being sick I decided not to give him any icing this year.  He wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway. 

All of his cousins.  Somehow we were able to get them to all sit and be still for the picture....for the most part.


More Presents!!  Ryan is in there somewhere!  =0)

Trevor is enjoying himself!  Such a cutie pie!

Nathan taking his turn on the sit and spin.

A blurry but cute picture of Zack.  He had so much fun!  He is with my Mom and Dad for a couple of weeks and I miss him so much!

We had so much fun at the party.  

We are so blessed to have Ryan in our lives!  We have had ups and downs and have been told many different things regarding his prognosis.  He is such a fighter and has done so well.  I hope that we have many more birthdays with Ryan in our life.  We cherish the time that we have with him...every moment we have to love him and hold him.  We know that God gave him to us for a reason and I wouldn't have him any other way!
I love you My Sweet Ryan!
  Happy 3rd Birthday!!

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  1. I had such a good time at your party!! I love you Ryan!!


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