Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ryan update...

I got Ryan up this morning and he was pretty congested in his chest.  I gave him a breathing treatment with pumicurt and albuterol, but he still needs his oxygen this morning.  He is on 2 liters right now.  I was able to completely take the oxygen off of him yesterday up until he went to bed.  His color seems to look better every day but it will just take a while for the antibiotic to knock this stuff out.  He is always worse in the morning because everything has settled down in his chest.  I am hoping he will be doing much better and be more like himself by the end of the week.  
With all of the allergy/asthma problems he has, it makes it hard for us especially this time of year when we are wanting to get out and do more with the kids.  I am home bound during the day because #1 it is hard for me to get all 3 out by myself and #2 because it isn't good for Ryan to be outside very long.  I think I am going to try and find a nurse again for Ryan for the summer so I can go and do things with the other 2 (and esp. Zack since he is out of school and so bored with being stuck in the house).  We have looked at above ground swimming pools and maybe even a trampoline, but I would have to be outside with the boys while they are in the pool or on the trampoline...and that leaves Ryan inside by himself.  So you see now why this is hard for me.
I was going to post a picture of him today, but my camera battery died and I need to recharge it.  It seems this happens a lot when I decide I am going to do better about taking pictures of the boys.  I will try to get it charged up today.
I will try to update this afternoon on how Ryan is doing.  Thanks for your continued prayers!    

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  1. I'm glad that Ryan is doing a bit better. I'll be praying for his health and that a solution will come for your long days inside with your three little monkeys!


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