Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor Little Ryan...

Joe and I took Mr. Ryan to the ER yesterday.  He was on oxygen and had a lot of drainage.  We are always worried about Pneumonia, so we thought we would take him in just to be sure it wasn't.  The Dr. and Nurses took really good care of him (and us).  They were all really nice and concerned about him.  They ended up giving him an IV to get some blood for his blood work and then ended up giving him an IV antibiotic for Bronchitis.  After the antibiotic was done they discharged him and sent him home with an antibiotic to take here and told me to give him albuterol breathing treatments every 4 hours to help and break up the congestion.  He has been a little trooper and seems to be doing much better today.  He is still on oxygen, but has been awake all morning and doesn't look as pale.  If he didn't have the IV antibiotic, I don't think he would be doing as well.  Here is a picture of him from the hospital yesterday before his IV.  I meant to take one of him with his IV, but I forgot to.

I will update again tomorrow on how he is doing.  We have to get him better for his 3rd Birthday Party on Saturday!!!

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