Monday, June 28, 2010

Packing...planning....and trying not to stress out...

So we are leaving for Vacation tomorrow afternoon when Joe gets home from work.  I am so excited that we are able to go away for a few days just the two of us.  I am also grateful for my Mom and Dad who are keeping Zack and Trevor, and for Kristen who is keeping Ryan.  Without you guys our vacation would not be possible!  =0) Thank you so much!!!!!
Joe and I packed most of everything yesterday and did laundry.  We have gone to the store and bought snacks and drinks to take with us and all of the stuff we will need while we are sunscreen!!  We are going to Carowinds Wednesday.
I put the Vortex on there for you Mom!  =0)
I haven't been on a roller coaster in 6 years, so I am pretty nervous about going.  We will have a blast and I know I will get a great workout walking all over the park.  Hopefully the park will not be too crowded and we won't have to stand in lines for too long.  I plan to wear a lot of sunscreen so I don't get burnt and feel miserable for the rest of our vacation.

After Carowinds, we will leave the park and go to our Hotel room at the Hyatt Pace in Charlotte.

We are staying here Wednesday night through Saturday morning.  We are so excited to get to be staying at such a nice Hotel.  They have continental breakfast, a pool, workout room, etc...etc....  REALLY NICE!!!  We plan to be poolside for most of the time.  =0)  On Thursday we are planning on going to Concord Mills Mall and shopping for a bit.  We have talked about going to IKEA too, but we aren't sure if we will or not.  I plan on taking the camera and hope to get some pictures to post when we get back (or if I have time maybe even during our trip).  Joe and I really don't have much of an agenda other than Carowinds and who knows what we will find do do (or eat) in Charlotte.  

Say a little prayer that everyone will be well and we will have a safe trip there and back.  I know it will fly by and be over before we know it but Joe and I know how blessed we are to be able to take this trip and have a little break from our normal routine.  Thanks to those of you who are making it possible!  We love you!


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