Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trevor's 1st birthday Party & more pictures of our construction progress...

Trevor's Party was so much fun!  I made cupcakes (and failed to take a picture of them and my table I set up for the party...UGH!!) and we had ice-cream.  All of Trevor's cousins from Joe's side came and we really did have a blast!  Here are some pictures from the day...
Trevor before the mess

Singing happy Birthday....he wanted to touch the fire so bad!
tasting the icing...mmmmmm
Shoving the WHOLE thing in his mouth

What a messy boy!

Zack, Macie, and Tripp eating their cupcakes

Ryan was supervising the party and making sure everyone behaved!  :)

Andrew and Nathan playing
I can not believe my LAST baby is 1!!  The year has flown by so fast and he has grown and learned so much.  He is so smart but is my mellow one.  He loves to look at books and play quietly in his play pen.  He is starting to take more and more steps each day and I feel like in a week or so he should be walking everywhere.  

Ryan just got home from school and the teacher said he had a great day today.  He was awake the whole time and they bought him a seat called a tumble form seat to sit in while he is there so he can sit closer to the floor with the other kids.  He also did well during PT & OT.  I am so glad he is adjusting to his school schedule!

Here are some more recent pictures on the progress from the closet addition....

I am planting 5 of these down by the side of the house.  They are beautiful bushes and they grow fast and get pretty big.  Hopefully I will have more pictures of the outside of the addition FINISHED by the weekend. Our plan is to finish the outside this weekend and finish the inside by next weekend...we will see!!

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