Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This...that...and everything else....

I was outside for a little while yesterday afternoon when Joe was working on the closet.  I got some really good pictures of Zack and Trevor when we were out there.  

In this picture, Zack wanted me to take a picture of Jesus. I asked him how I was supposed to take a picture of Jesus and he told me that Jesus was in the sky.  I took the picture while he was looking up to try to see Jesus.  Kids are just so precious!!
I couldn't get Trevor to look at the camera and smile, so this will just have to do.

He looks like he was going to hit me with that stick...Ha Ha!  I thought this picture was really neat because you can see Joe up on the roof too.  

Well, yesterday right before I got Ryan off the bus, there was a rooster sitting in my side flower bed.  When I went outside he just looked at me and crowed at me.  I told him that I was awake and so was everyone else in the house, but he continued to crow.  I took some pictures of him (hope you like them Mom!) and I hope that he decides to start crowing on someone else's property or he might end up being a dead rooster!!

He wasn't really scared of me either.  You can see that he let me get pretty close to him.  He used to have a chicken that followed him everywhere he went, but I have no idea what happened to it.  Dear Rooster, PLEASE GO AWAY!!

Ryan was so cute yesterday when I got him home off the bus.  I brought him in and put him on the couch to change his diaper.  He just smiled at me and acted like he was glad to see me and he missed me.  I love that little guy!!  After he smiled at me and got comfortable, he took a nap.  He was sprawled out on the couch and I just had to take a picture.....

Saturday is Trevor's birthday party, so I will be posting again then.  My last baby won't be a baby anymore!!  How sad.....

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  1. The pictures are so good! and yes I love the Rooster! Get Joe to stuff it for me!Love ya


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