Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Closet Construction...

Well, the construction is well under way.  I believe we will get a lot of it done this weekend.  Joe has been slowed down by cutting his finger at work Friday.  He had to go to urgent care and get seven stitches.  His finger is hurting him pretty bad while it is healing.  Hopefully it will be feeling better soon.  He will be going back on Sunday to have the stitches removed if they are ready to come out.  I thought I would post some pictures of our progress so far....
 Joe is digging the footers for our 6' x 14' closet

 Pouring concrete in the footers.  And yes, the concrete truck tore up the yard!

Joe and a friend he bowls with laid the block last Saturday. There is still more block to lay and Joe hopes to finish with it this afternoon so he can start framing up the walls this weekend.

Here are some pictures of our bedroom since we tore the old closet out.  It made it look so much bigger.  We repainted and changed the flooring.  We still have some finishing details to do, but I absolutely love it!!

I will be so excited when this project is over so I will have somewhere to put my clothes and shoes again!!

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